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Upgrading Your Home's Entry Points
Posted on Thu, 30 Jun 2016, 10:25:00 AM  in My services

Your home may have several new exterior improvements, including paint and roofing, but there are other areas that are in need of upgrades as well. The structure's entry points are numerous, and they include windows, doors and garage doors. These items swing and slide open on a daily basis. Although you may not give much thought to their use, potential home buyers might concentrate on their beauty and functionality. Consider some of these entry-point upgrades that you can make and earn that perfect home-sale price.

Replace the Garage Door

entryOne of the simplest entry points that can be upgraded in just a few hours is the garage door. Some doors might be more than 20 years old, and they creak when they're opened. Add a metal, roll-up door to your home. These models come with several style and color options in order to match the structure's decor almost perfectly. Professionals will usually remove your old door at no charge at the same time. If any upgrades are being considered, the garage door should be first.

Add Replacement Windows

Single-pane windows allow noise and air to filter through the home. When buyers walk through a property, they'll notice old windows and make a mental note of them. Ask a contractor to add replacement windows. The frames remain intact, but workers attach new glass panels as an upgrade. Look for dual-pane windows with trapped air or gas within the assembly. The home will have better energy conservation and less noise pollution. These windows often come with extensive warranties that can be transferred to the new owners in time.

Weatherstrip Windows and Doors

If new windows and doors cannot be installed on your budget, your current materials can be improved as an alternative. Purchase a weatherstripping kit from a local home-improvement store. Add the kit to every door and window in the household. These kits essentially seal the space between the frames, doors and windows. Drafty homes are completely contained as air-conditioned air remains inside the structure. You can point out this upgrade to your potential buyers too. Buyers might think of weatherstripping as a hassle, and a turnkey home is a feature that they keep in mind.

Adjust the Doors

If some of your doors seem to get stuck as they swing open, it's time to rehang them. Ask a local contractor to adjust each of your doors. Each door should swing open and close with ease. They shouldn't slam shut by themselves either. As buyers walk through a home, they'll notice the ease with which the doors move. Take the opportunity during the rehanging process to replace the door's hardware too. New doorknobs and locks are features that stand out to potential buyers.

Consider New Window Screens

The home's window screens are protective elements that are often overlooked. They might be full of holes or torn. Take some time out to replace the mesh. Home-improvement stores sell the mesh in rolls in order for you to use it on each window. Pull the frames from the windows, and carefully remove the mesh. Stretch the new mesh across the frame, and lock it into place. New screens give the windows a fresh appearance. Buyers may even believe that the entire window is brand new if you clean it up before an open house.

If you're unsure about which entry point should be upgraded first, ask the opinion of a trusted friend. They have a different perspective that can be valuable as your home sale approaches. Take their opinion and weigh it against your budget options. Changing just one item can mean the difference between multiple bids and no buyers at all.

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Upgrades to Make When Selling Your Home
Posted on Wed, 30 Mar 2016, 12:10:00 PM  in Home buying tips,  Home selling tips,  My services
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For homeowners who want to sell their property quickly and attract buyers, it's important to allow the house to shine once it's on the market. The appeal of the property will determine how quickly you receive an offer and how much of a profit you can potentially make. When getting ready to list your home, there are a few important upgrades to make to get it ready to sell.

Perform a Minor Bathroom Remodel
The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the home due to how much it's used each day. Buyers want to purchase homes that have upgraded and attractive bathrooms instead of outdated fixtures. By investing in a bathroom remodel, the average return at resale is 102 percent, making it a smart step to take. Perform upgrades that include installing new hardware, staining the cabinets, installing new tiles, and adding a new tub. You can also remove an outdated shower our tub and replace it with a walk-in feature that has multiple shower heads and doesn't have any doors for a setting that resembles a spa. Walls in the patiobathroom that are damaged can also be repaired with spray-on texture.

Increase the Curb Appeal
The curb appeal of the property is the first impression that you make on your buyers and will ultimately determine how many people visit the home after seeing it advertised. Fertilize the lawn, install a water feature, and extra shrubs, and consider painting the door with a pop of color for a exterior space that stands out in the neighborhood. You can even add an archway to add a feature that works as a focal point in the yard. Remove clutter in the yard and keep it manicured, which will increase the property value of the home.

Convert the Attic into a Room
Although attics were originally used for storage, more people are transforming it into a setting that serves multiple purposes. Consider converting the attic into an additional bedroom, a gym, or an entertainment center. Many people also choose to use the space as a home office for telecommuting. This can allow you to have an average return of 93 percent at resale. You can also add insulation to the attic to reduce the cost of energy on the property and allow the room to become more functional.

Remodel the Kitchen
Remodeling the kitchen is one of the most important steps that homeowners can make with their property when selling it to attract more buyers. The average return at resale is 91 percent, but this can allow the home to sell quicker instead of sitting on the market for several months. Install backsplashes, add a kitchen island, and upgrade the countertops with concrete material for a modern design that peaks buyers' interest. You can also consider installing brushed nickel hardware on the cabinets and adding white subway tiles on the walls for a decorative backsplash. You can even add French doors, which will allow plenty of light in and will make the room to feel more spacious.

Add a Deck or Patio
Make it easy to entertain and enjoy the backyard setting by installing a deck or patio where future homeowners can entertain. Consider adding potted plants and furniture for an environment that can be used to enjoy a bonfire or sit out and read. Enhancing the appeal and functionality of the backyard will attract more buyers for extra space that can be enjoyed on the property.

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